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About Quality Animal Clinic

Quality Animal Clinic is skilled in providing a variety of different services to dogs and cats in Los Angeles, California. We work diligently to improve their well being with routine visits while also tending to their needs in the event of an emergency. From routine exams and veterinary services to common surgical procedures, Quality Animal Clinic offers all the animal care services your pet needs. With a new facility and state-of-the art equipment and over 10 years of experience, our veterinary clinic has the capability to help your animal with whatever may be going on with them. Whether your pet needs surgery or grooming, Quality Animal Clinic is the place to come. We provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services, including annual exams, ultrasounds, digital radiography, orthopedic and other surgeries, and in-hospital care for small and large animals. Whether your pet needs to be spayed or requires another type of surgery, we will work to help your pet in our state-of-the-art surgical facility.


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Quality Animal Clinic is a full-service veterinary practice in Los Angeles, California, which offers medical, dental and preventative care as well as boarding and emergency services for your pets. We strive to keep your furry friend healthy, and we're able to work with various kinds of animals.


Bathing typically requires 1-2 hours. All animals are bathed with a premium-quality oatmeal shampoo.

Hand Scissoring

Hand Scissoring bypasses typical clipper blades used to gain more control and balance when grooming your pet. Hand scissoring is a higher quality of care that will be apparent in your pets grooming.

Eye and Ear Cleaning

Without proper care, dogs and cats can experience health problems in their eyes and ears. We will not only bathe your precious pet, but we will take the time to carefully clean their eyes and ears with gentle products.


As silly as it sounds, your pet loves to be pampered too! Give your pet the best with our facial treatments and they will enjoy the benefits, too! Facials can improve tear stains, dry skin, and brighten your dogs coat.


Brushing is an important part of the grooming process. Our groomers take the time to brush your pet thoroughly, sending him or her home with a shining coat.

Puppy Grooming

Are you nervous about having your puppy groomed for the first time? Worry not! Our groomers are trained in the proper techniques to safely and effectively groom your rambunctious young creature.

Sugar Scrub for Feet

Pads serve as your pet’s shoes 100% of the time. Don’t overlook proper care! A sugar scrub can remove old, dead skin and renew or moisturized dry, cracked pads and make your pet more comfortable on walks.

Nail Polishing

This may be more for the human than the pet, but we have nothing against a little bit of fun! We will safely polish your dogs nails to add a fun, unique statement.

Blow Drying

Other groomers do not always take the proper time to completely dry and pamper your pet. At Googenhymers, we will take the time to blow dry your pet in a calm environment. Our goal is to always send your pets home fresh and fluffy!

Nail Clipping

Nail clipping is a necessary grooming step for all dogs and cats. Many pet owners do not like doing this themselves. For a low price, bring your pet in today for a professional nail trim!

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